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Welcome to the home of building and design. We cover everything from residential to commercial plans, giving you valuable tips and tricks to get you ahead of the pack. Whether you are looking to start a construction project or trying to get into the building business, we have got covered.

Here Are Some of the Things You Can Expect to See Inside

  • The difference between commercial and residential design – The average person might think these two are similar, while they are not. In fact, architects who work on residential projects do not go anywhere near a commercial one as they are entirely different and more complicated.
  • How to execute a commercial project – Preparation is the key when it comes to building projects. Discover all the insider tips of running a commercial project successfully.
  • Common residential design blunders – There are so many things that could go wrong when building a home for your family. Check out our informative blog about the common mistakes most people make. You will be surprised by how simple it is to avoid them.
  • Building vs buying a home: If you are torn between buying an old house and building one, there’s a solution. We go in-depth on the pros and cons of these two options, giving you the ability to make an informed decision. However, it is worth noting that both options still end up with construction or remodelling jobs.

This list is not, by any chance, exhaustive as we have so much more waiting to be discovered. Therefore, don’t shy off from clicking around the site.